Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Restorative Justice For All!

       In response to the ever-increasing  problems such as inefficient court processes and prison crowding, countries throughout Africa are looking to revive traditional justice processes and implement restorative practices as an alternative to incarceration.Basically,customary dispute settlement mechanisms and laws play the key role in many African countries including Ethiopia.These must be systematized and used side by side with the regular state laws and institutions.There is multiplicity of laws in Ethiopia,which includes cultural laws(such as The 'Geda' System of the Oromos and the 'Kicha' and 'Yegordena Sera' of the Gurages to mention but a few) and religious laws(such as Sharia Law and the laws of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church), which needs to be wisely used for both civil and criminal cases to bring restorative justice in the country.What do you think on the issue? Feel free to share us your opinions.

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